Khalid Kassim

Operation Management | 10+ years experience in building High Performing Team | Customer Focus | Always Engaged!

A highly proficient professional with proven track record managing high performing team in Customer operation.


Customer Operation, Customer Service, Sales Support, Back Office Management, Fulfillment, Enterprise Account Service Management, Managed Service, Outsourcing, Vendor Management, Performance Management, Training & Process Improvement, Product Launch, Work Force Management, Quality Assurance, Employee Engagement and budgeting.


I joined during start up phase, pre-launch, and lived up the whole launch experience and achieving highest result in customer operations.

10+ years of diverse experience covering wide range of areas from Telecom Customer Care Strategy Development and Management, Contact Centers Management & Planning, Offshoring, Business Process Re-engineering, Project Management & Services Delivery.

Operate as Country Manager with Multiple Site Responsibilities for all du Customer Care operational development projects and initiatives, Manage the Outsourcing Regional Partnerships on behalf of du Customer Operations for all Line of Business and supporting front office, back office and outbound activities.


Customer Operation

Managed Services

Problem Solving


Workforce Management

Employee Engagement

Quality Assurance & C-Satisfaction.

Project Management


Fluent Arabic, English, Swahili


Phone : +971-55-2721151